Violet Mkhitaryan, Founder and President of Violet Enterprises, Inc. will soon be bringing her 35+ years of aesthetics industry experience and natural skincare expertise to Kuwait.

Violet is not a new presence in the international spa scene. She is a biochemist, cosmetologist, and aesthetician who grew up in Armenia. She has been making her own skin care products based on traditional tried-and-true Eastern European recipes for nearly 40 years. Violet takes a holistic approach to skin care, consulting with clients and providing them with recipes that will help nourish their skin from the inside. She has had spas in Armenia, Moscow, and the U.S. and is excited to bring her products, services, and philosophies to Kuwait.

Why Kuwait?

Violet treated a student from Kuwait (while she was a student in Boston), who had severe acne. With the combination of Violet's highly effective natural products and targeted signature facial treatments, her skin cleared significantly. When she went back to Kuwait, her entrepreneurial family was so pleased and amazed by the results that they approached Violet with the idea of opening a franchise in Kuwait.

There is a real need for natural skin care products, services, and education on healthy living in the Middle East. Many women in Middle East suffer from acne and other skin care issues for many reasons such as the climate and the use of heavy skin care and makeup products that are laden with chemicals which clog the pores and irritate the skin. It was decided that now is time to start a "natural revolution" by bringing Violet products and services to the Middle East. Violet & her team are traveling to Kuwait for the grand opening and to give seminars on the importance of chemical-free natural living.

Focus on Family

Violet runs her company with the help of her twin daughters, Rousanna and Susanna, who both have extensive backgrounds in both healthcare and business (both sisters are registered nurses and MBAs).

Due to many concerns including a frustration with the healthcare system, the sisters decided to shift their priorities from traditional healthcare to focus more on a preventative approach: helping to keep people well, rather than just treating them when they are sick. With their career goals altered, the girls came up with the idea of helping their mother realize her dream of opening her own skin care boutique.

The new Kuwait location is an expansion of that dream, and the whole family is delighted. Despite this growth Violet Enterprises is committed to maintaining the highest quality products and services by continuing to make preservative-free products in small batches using only natural ingredients and continuing to focus on the holistic health of our clients.

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For more information about Violet Enterprises, Inc., please contact Rousanna Gevondian at 617-264-SKIN (7546) or